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Сортамент ГОСТ, ТУ Размер мм Марка стали
864 Reinforcement thermomehanically hardened GOST 10884-94 Profile number - 6-40 St3sp, St3ps, St5sp, St5ps, 20GS, 25G2S, 35GS, 28C, 27GS, 10GS2, 08G2S, 25S2R, 20GS, 20GS2, 08G2S, 10GS2, 28C, 22C, 35GS, 25S2R. , 20GS2, 35GS, 25S2R.
863 for concrete constructions GOST 5721-82 Profile number - 6-80 St3kp, St3ps, St3sp, St5sp, St5ps, 18G2S, 10GT, 35GS, 25G2S, 32G2Rps, 80C, 20HG2TS, 23H2G2T, 22H2G2AYU, 22H2G2R, 20H2G2SR.
862 for concrete constructions DSTU 3760-98 Profile number – 5.5-40mm